When HVAC pioneer Willis Carrier introduced the first modern air conditioner in 1902, he had one single purpose for the machine: to cool us down when the heat becomes a bit unbearable. Since then, comfortable indoor air conditioning has been a must-have (with summer here, even more so). What will you do, though, if your trusty air conditioner suddenly begins to blow warm air?

If that happens, don’t sweat it (pun intended). In numerous instances, the problem is due to simple malfunctions or lack of necessary precautions on your part. You can’t also ignore the possibility of a bigger problem, but then, professionals from Philadelphia HVAC companies such as DN HVAC Services have your back in situations like these. 

One possible explanation for your air conditioner to blow warm air is pretty simple: your thermostat might not be toggled to “cool”. This is quite trivial, to say the least, but then, it’s not impossible for you to accidentally trip your thermostat into heat mode as you move about. There would also be times when you may have flipped it to “fan” mode, where the minimal cool air makes you think that your A/C unit is blowing warm air. That said, simply flip back the thermostat to your desired function, and you’re good to go.

If the abovementioned solution doesn’t work, you’ll have to dig a bit deeper. An A/C can blow warm air due to a dirty air filter, which is why a filter replacement is highly recommended every spring and summer. Dirty filters can easily introduce debris that may clog the A/C’s condensing coil. Clogged coils are extremely inefficient, which means that they consume more power than usual and generate additional heat in the process. You can solve this problem by replacing your filters accordingly and cleaning the coils using a special coil cleaner.

Provided that the previous suggestion still doesn’t work, your air conditioner might be running low on fuel—that is, Freon or any other appropriate refrigerant. A Freon leak can cause the A/C to blow warm air since there’s less of the stuff that cools the air in the first place. Low Freon levels can be replenished by “recharging” your unit, and any shortage is indicated by the presence of ice both inside and outside the air conditioner.

When more critical problems than a wrong thermostat option beset you’re A/C unit, these are better left to the expert assessment and solutions of a qualified HVAC repair specialist.


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