When it comes to heating, ventilating, and air conditioning (HVAC) concerns, there are more myths circulating out there than one can imagine. In fact, some of the energy-saving measures that you believe are doing you good at home may actually be doing just the opposite. The time has come to set the record straight on what the ideal HVAC conditions are.

Myth: Buying an energy efficient air conditioner will automatically reduce your utility bill

This is not entirely a myth. However, even a top-of-the line energy-efficient air conditioner won't be enough to reduce your bills if they are improperly sized or installed. According to the Department of Energy, poorly installed and improperly sized equipment can lead to over 30 percent wasted energy consumption. A professional home energy audit, coupled with prompt AC repair by Philadelphia technicians, will help you maximize the benefits of an energy efficient A/C unit.

Myth: Leaving a fan on will cool a room

Fans don’t lower room temperature like air conditioners do. A fan works by circulating the air in the room you use it in—when the circulated air hits your skin, you feel cooler even if the temperature in the room remains the same. If a fan is left on and no one's there to feel its benefits, you’ll just be wasting energy.

Myth: Installing insulation is enough to keep the exterior air out of your home

Insulation actually does a better job of retaining heat/cold in than keeping it out. If exterior air has a way to penetrate your house via drafty windows, air leaks, and cracks, then your home interior won’t be able to retain temperature no matter how much insulation you install. Air sealing is the best solution to this problem—close the holes and gaps around your home to prevent exterior air from seeping in.

Myth: Duct tape is ideal for sealing air ducts

Despite the name, duct tapes actually perform poorly at sealing ducts. The material doesn't work well in dusty and dirty environments, which is what comes aplenty in HVAC ducts. It’s better to use mastic tape sticks, insulates, or seals instead.

Conserving energy and saving on utility costs begin and end with improving the HVAC systems inside your home. It's time to stop believing in these myths and follow the true ways to enhance energy efficiency. If you encounter any problems with your AC unit, be sure to have a Philadelphia air conditioning repair specialist look at it and restore it to optimal function.


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