In the summer heat, Philadelphia homeowners may think that they won’t have to worry about their heating systems; it’s at rest, after all, taking the much-needed break. Summer, however, doesn’t last; Before long, winter takes its place, and your heating furnace once again takes a beating. If you want to make sure you furnace can take the stress and will not fail you in the coldest of nights, you need to consider a day in the summer season for calling in an experienced heating contractor like DN HVAC Services to do the necessary maintenance check on your furnace.

Repair or Replace?

When having your HVAC system checked this summer, you would have to decide whether your furnace simply needs maintenance or repairs of minor problems, including replacement of small parts—or if you might settle for a complete replacement of your current furnace. Furnace repair is fast and good enough when the unit is still serviceable, but note that it could turn out more expensive in the long run if you’re just covering up a bigger problem that may not be resolved, except by replacement. Consider these following options:


A major reason to think of replacement is the age of your furnace. The furnace usually comes with the purchase of the house. If your house has survived more than a decade, and you have not replaced your furnace at any time since, you may have a furnace that’s nearing the end of its operating life. A typical furnace can operate for 15 to 20 years without giving its homeowners any significant problem.

Beyond that, you may start to encounter malfunctioning problems with it more often. Have your contractor thoroughly check your furnace, especially when it has passed the 15-year mark. Take note that older furnace models don’t share the advantages of modern technology that newer models have; newer models are more energy-efficient and powerful than older models.

Costs and Performance

Weigh the cost-effectiveness of repair expenses against replacement. Ask your contractor how long the current repairs on the furnace can hold; if the problem, however, is expected to recur, and technicians will have to be called within months, you would be better off with the long-term savings (and peace of mind) of a new furnace. Consider the long-term gains: if your new furnace saves you more money on heating costs, it can end up paying for itself in the long run.

Consult with an experienced HVAC or heating contractor like DN HVAC Services in Philadelphia on the best option to ensure your furnace will hum along nicely and powerfully in the deepest cold of winter.


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