Summertime is here, and the heat is sure to make people fire up their ACs to cope with it. Central air conditioners are among many cooling devices to be at the mercy of the demand, which can see them working harder than they’ve had to all year prior to this scorching season.


Regular central air conditioner maintenance is a given to ensure that the appliances run smoothly and more efficiently, which can subsequently save up to 15 percent on yearly bills. In addition, a properly maintained unit can last longer and better resist breakdowns since the compressor won’t get too overworked trying to maintain cooler temperatures indoors.

Central air conditioners feature a closed loop system, which contains specific components like the condenser located outside and the evaporator which is placed inside. Inside the condenser, there’s the compressor with its coils and fins. All these components are extremely vulnerable to dirt and wear/tear, and keeping them shipshape is the job of both you and your local air conditioning service provider in Philadelphia, such as DN HVAC Services.

One of the foremost components of concern are the unit’s filters. They are located at the blower unit, typically placed where the unit and the return duct meet. All filters must be checked at least once a month for dirt, since clogged filters significantly hamper air flow and can cause the innards of the A/C to freeze up and develop icicles. Most systems feature either replaceable or reusable filters, so be sure to check on those before doing anything with them. If replacement is allowed, you should switch filters at least twice a year.

Another area you should check is the condensate removal system. Inside the A/C unit, warm air passes through cooling coils, which causes the water vapor to condense. Air conditioning systems deal with the condensate in varied ways, and depending on where the unit’s blower is located, the extra moisture may go straight to a gravity-fed drain. You wouldn’t want anything obstructing the natural flow of the condensate or you’ll suffer from unwanted leaks.

Lastly, there’s the condenser. This is typically located outside your home, and is much more vulnerable to getting clogged than the evaporator. Check if this area has accumulated debris over time, and if so, clear them out immediately to avoid impeding normal operation.

By following these tips, not only will your central air conditioning unit last throughout the summer and even longer—it’ll also serve you and your family dutifully. Sit back, relax and trust the professionals to make it happen.


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