As a resident of this city of neighborhoods, you must already be aware of the extreme weather patterns, heat waves, blizzards, and whatever comes in between. Now that summer season is on, the temperature is expected to rise to potenially dangerous levels. So you rely on your ACs to keep your home warm, but maybe due to constant usage, it may have developed some fault.

Repairing Your Air Conditioner

To repair or replace is a key question that baffles most homeowners. For one, the cost of repair can potentially be as as high as the cost of replacement, but the prospect of surviving the summer with an AC blowing much cooler air is quite alluring. When making this type of decision, the are usually three main factors to consider: current conditon, life expectancy, and output. Each must be carefully considered before arriving at any conclusion.

Current condition: Consider equipment quality (what brand or model), the number of times the unit has broken down, and the last time you had it checked. If you are rocking inferior products in your home, then it shouldn’t surprise you if it breaks down often. While professional servicemen can help restore it in the meantime, it may be time to begin considering a replacement.

Life expectancy: Most units are expected to last about eight to twelve years, after which constant breakdowns may be inevitable. Many professional HVAC technicians in Philadelphia, usually recommend a replacement for units that are older than fifteen years. However, if its not too old then scheduling an AC repair is in order.

Output: Since it’s summer, the season you need your AC most, now may be the time to assess its efficiency. How long did it normally take to cool the house? How cold is it? Providing answers to these questions will give you an idea whether to just abandon the faulty unit or call in the repairmen.

After a careful consideration of these factors, you should be able to determine whether air conditioner repairs are a better option than getting a replacement unit. There are quite a couple of really experienced HVAC services in Philadelphia, like DN HVAC Services, which also caters to commercial buildings. And though you may have seen some DIY videos giving instructions on how to repair ACs, this task is best left to the experts, or you could end up making the damage  a lot worse.


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