Having a furnace in top working condition is a necessity during cold weather, especially in Philadelphia where winter can get extreme. A heating system may malfunction at any time, requiring significant repairs or possibly, a replacement. Now would be a good time to have your furnace checked, to ensure it is in top condition when the cold weather sets in. A malfunctioning furnace during winter will likely require emergency repairs, which could be quite expensive.

Furnace Repair

Of course, you don’t need to be told twice that furnace repair must be done by professionals. This is not a DIY project; heating systems are usually powered through electricity or gas, both of which can cause significant injury with improper handling. Likewise, an amateur may only worsen the extent of the damage.

There are several reasons why furnaces break down. For example, if you experience complete or partial loss of heat, it could be the result of problems with the gas or electricity delivery system. Another common cause is faulty ductwork, which is regarded by the Department of Energy as the most important component of your heating system.

There could also be situations where you encounter erratic temperature conditions--hot one minute and then cold the next. This could mean your thermostat is malfunctioning and is causing your furnace to misread the actual temperature of your home. Depending on the extent of damage, you can decide to repair or replace.

Another common problem could be a faltering Pilot light. For proper heating, this light must stay on uninterruptedly, showing a strong blue flame, not a weak yellow one. A weak Pilot light indicates possible problems with the heat exchanger, which can be hazardous because it could result in higher levels of toxic carbon monoxide being pumped into your home.

While you believe you can probably diagnose these issues on your own, without an HVAC expert’s assessment, you may never know for sure what is plaguing your furnace. There are some maintenance tasks that you can easily do yourself, however, like filter replacements. Experts suggest you change the filter every 2 months, so your furnace can run at optimum efficiency.

A professional job will include parts replacements, furnace cleaning, and ensuring reduced chances of future break downs. Residents of Philadelphia can call on an experienced heating contractor like DN HVAC Services for their installation and repair concerns. During the off-season, you may even expect discounts, or at least, get the assurance that you won’t have to go through a long waiting list for the pros’ availability.


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