A furnace is a common sight in many Philadelphia homes. Some own an electric furnace, while others prefer the gas-powered variety. Despite their differences, both furnace types perform an essential service in terms of household heating needs. Perhaps you’re wondering which type is ideal for your home. Below are the pros and cons of each furnace type for your consideration.

Maintenance and Installation

Electric furnace pros

Electric furnaces are generally cheaper than their gas-powered counterparts. This is what makes this furnace type viable for most. Plus, it’s quieter to operate, and very durable. With annual maintenance from a heating specialist, an electric furnace can last a solid 30 years. Most electric furnace models come in manageable sizes, making the installation process quick and easy.

Electric furnace cons

Electric furnaces tend to have higher operating costs than gas furnaces simply because electricity is a more expensive energy source than gas. Electric furnaces also have a lower energy efficiency rate. That’s because it takes electric furnaces a while before they become hot enough to heat a home sufficiently. Ultimately, you have to prepare yourself for higher utility bills.

Gas furnace pros

Gas furnaces are more effective heating appliances than electric ones, primarily because they can reach higher temperatures than electric models. They are also more energy-efficient; you’ll immediately begin to feel the heat as soon as you turn them on. Also, gas is cheaper than electricity.

Gas furnace cons

Gas furnaces are more expensive, and they have a shorter lifespan. If you don’t have a heating repair and maintenance specialist take a look at your furnace often, it can be quite noisy to operate. Installation requires considerable technical proficiency, and is highly dependent on the availability of gas supply in your neighborhood. Fires, explosions, and carbon monoxide poisoning could occur if the gas furnace is not well-maintained.

Now that you know the pros and cons of each furnace type, you will be better informed when time comes to purchase a furnace for your home. It can be very helpful if you would first consult with a reliable Philadelphia heating repair and maintenance specialist like DN Construction about what the best furnace type is for your particular circumstances.


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